5 Ways To Make Every Day “Environment Day”

The 5th June marks "Environment Day", a day introduced by the United Nations to raise awareness about how we can protect our planet. Never has it been more important to acknowledge a day dedicated to environmental issues, however I often think that these kinds of events sometimes raise awareness, which doesn’t always result in long-term action.

In order to successfully make a positive environmental difference, we need to pledge to change at least one habit and make it a permanent fixture. That doesn't mean that the odd slip isn't allowed, but it does call for a little bit of determination! When making permanent lifestyle changes, we need to start small and build up. Changing too much at once quickly becomes a chore. Decide on what changes to make in your household by making a mental list of what ends up in your bin. Most disposable household items can be easily traded for reusable, eco versions. The less waste you create, the better, and the more money you will save. Since the "plastic boom" we have been conditioned by giant corporations to believe that disposable items will make our lives more convenient, but this “clever“ marketing is simply untrue.

Here are my top 5 household items which can be easily swapped for cleaner, greener options. These swaps alone will save you so much money, and will eliminate a large chunk of daily waste from your home.

1. Razors

Buying a safety razor, made from metal and wood does not make shaving any more difficult than using a plastic-wrapped, plastic-made disposable razor. What it DOES do is save you a ton of money and waste. Spending £30 on an entire shave kit, including soap, blades and razor is all you need. Metal blade refills cost £10 for 100). How much do you spend on disposables in 4 months? It’s likely that this swap will pay itself off in at least that amount of time. It will also reduce some of the 2 billion disposable razors which are thrown away in the US alone. An absolute no brainer.

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2. Cotton Wool

Cotton wool is an environmental disaster! Think of all the water used to grow the cotton and the pesticides involved. Then there is the plastic packaging. By spending £10 on reusable make-up rounds, you will save a lot of cash and avoid lots of waste. Just use, wash and re-use. They work well with coconut oil or shea butter to remove eye make-up, just remember to pop them in a cheap washable mesh bag before washing them in the machine to avoid clogging it up. You can also use felt nail varnish remover pads to replace cotton wool, made from bamboo felt.

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3. Make-up wipes