All The Vinegar!


This week I couldn’t find my usual glass bottle of vinegar. Instead I found this ENORMOUS 5L bottle, which is the equivalent of 10 smaller plastic bottles of kitchen or bathroom spray - over a months’ supply. At a little over £5, that works out at just 50 pence a bottle! A total bargain, and a LOT less plastic! It also means that less harsh chemicals will make their way into our water system and my family will be not be inhaling them. Not enough research has been done on the long-term effects of these chemicals on our overall health, but the things I’ve read do not suggest a positive correlation. The red crosses and irritant warnings on product labels even tell us that these chemicals are not good for us. Lemon, tea tree, lavender and pine needle oil are all naturally antibacterial and are even used in chemical cleaning products. After researching this area a little more, I decided to make some changes and swap out a lot of the harsh chemicals in our home. A few months on, we are still going strong. As a family, we haven't been poorly because of increased germs and we haven't had food poisoning.

Since this swap we have totally eliminated floor and surface wipes and have saved a lot of plastic bottles from being downcycled. We've also saved a lot of cash. We used to spend at least £2 per week on wipes alone. That is a saving of over £100 per year!

The method

For cleaning, I decant to a glass spray bottle, mix with water and either a lavender/lemon blend for my kitchen spray, or a tea tree/lemon blend for the bathroom. It’s also amazing mixed with bicarbonate of soda for carpet stains and can be used to soak reusable kitchen towels or cloths in as an alternative to chemical based kitchen wipes. Once soaked, I keep them in a jar for whenever I need a wipe or cloth. This natural approach to cleaning also means that I don’t worry when my little ones want to join in!

If you are someone who worries about germs- as I was to begin with- why not give it a try before you write it off. You could always start with either a kitchen OR a bathroom spray. Alternatively, why not trial using a vinegar solution just for polishing glass and mirrors or for removing carpet stains? It's so effective and easy.

Reducing plastic usage and eliminating harsh chemicals sometimes takes a few steps as you get used to a new routine, but it all helps! Starting off by being mindful is the first step...

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