Books, books, books!

Books are amazing!

As an experienced teacher and Plastic Conscious Mama, I LOVE books! I recently ordered these from World of Books, a company that sells second hand books. I paid a few pounds for them and they are in fantastic condition! My biggest and middlest kids have loved reading them and they got no less enjoyment from them being second hand, if anything, I got MORE enjoyment from them knowing that their shelf life is being extended.

Being sustainable is so important. I imagine there are thousands of unwanted books in the UK. Let's do our bit to keep the love going for preloved books going by donating and buying from charity shops, opting for preloved versions when purchasing online and buying from companies like World of Books. It's so important to kindle our children's imaginations by immersing them in magical stories. It's also equally important for adults to invest in activities which don't involve screens in order to wind down after a busy day, reading is a perfect way to achieve this.

Teaching our children to respect books so that the magic can be passed onto the next person is so important. One thing I keep meaning to do is to organise a book and toy swap with my friends, this is a great way to reuse what we have. I personally already donate to and buy from charity shops, but think there is always more I could be doing. Every little helps. What will your next swap be?

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