Vinegar and germs. The science bit.

Following on from my post on vinegar and cleaning, I've had lots of questions about whether or not vinegar actually cleans effectively and kills germs, and whether or not it is better at cleaning in comparison to chemical products. Vinegar is 5 per cent acetic acid, which IS strong enough to kills gems. Although it is not a registered disinfectant, it has been found by scientists to kill off a range of household pathogens and the flu virus. Some suggest that sterile environments are not actually good for us, therefore the use of harsh chemical cleaners are unnecessary.

Here are 2 articles which help to explain more about what vinegar can do as a kitchen cleaner.

The first highlights some of the germs that vinegar can kill and outlines how to clean effectively.

The second article shows how vinegar can help to battle bacteria on salad leaves.

Ultimately, ditching chemical cleaners is a personal choice and is a decision best made with the facts. Vinegar is not a registered disinfectant, as it does not kill a high enough percentage of germs within a specific time frame. The criteria for a product being allowed to be called "antibacterial" are very stringent. However, vinegar CAN kill germs and used in a hygienic kitchen where surfaces are regularly washed down with hot, soapy water, can be used as an effective kitchen spray.

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