The vast majority of household cleaners come in plastic bottles. How many does that equate to per household, per year? If you buy 2 per week, that is over 100 every single year. These fabulous water soluble sachets from Iron and Velvet simply dissolve into 500ml of warm water to create the most amazing household cleaners. Simply use an existing plastic bottle or purchase a glass bottle, stick the product label on and you are ready to go! Each mix and match pack contains 5 sachets, the equivalent of 5x 500ml bottles. Full details listed below:

Antibacterial Surface Cleaner Refill (Kitchen)
Coconut & Lime
Designed with the kitchen in mind, our Antibacterial Surface Cleaner is able to penetrate dried foods and greases to leave your hard surfaces looking as clean as possible

Suitable for use on worktops, hobs, cupboard doors and tiles we've also incorporated an antibacterial agent to reduce any risk of food poisoning.

Antibacterial Surface Cleaner Refill (Bathroom)
Ylang Ylang
When thinking about cleaning the bathroom we realised there are two important factors; cleanliness and hygiene

This product addresses both issues, leaving a sparkling finish on your bathroom suite and containing a powerful antibacterial agent to kill a wide range of germs

Floor Cleaner Refill (Household)
Suitable for use on all water resistant hard floors, our Floor Cleaner is highly concentrated for easy dilution and will lift dust, dirt and food splatters off the surface.

On top of the cleaning ability, it won't leave behind any residue meaning after drying there will be no additional slip hazards.

Iron and Velvet Plastic-Free Cleaning Sachets